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For 25 years, I Have been considered one of the most trusted, elite Psychic - Life Coaches to the country’s most influential men and woman. Happiness - Healing Awaits!

Call Or Text 212.203.2960

My Elite Psychic & Spiritual Guidance Has Pioneered INSIGHT ON LIFE & LOVE!

Top CEO’s, successful entrepreneurs and other thought-leaders at the pinnacle of their profession rely on my Psychic Life Coaching. Empower Yourself & Feel Confident In Your Future!

Call Or Text 212.203.2960

Experience An Entirely New Level Of Mindful Psychic Readings Call or Text 212-203-2960

Welcome, I am Psychic Lisa redefining traditional Psychic Readings by taking your personal questions to a higher level of expertise, exclusivity and personal attention. I have worked with individuals to address nearly every type of issue or combination of issues imaginable.

Some of the most common issues I help clients resolve are find love, soulmates, restoring marriage, business, life path, direction, health, Spirituality both physically & emotionally!

I provide a private, personal service that offers a wealth of respect, expertise and support.

My office is a place of spirituality & peace for all that visits!
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